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King Prawn Linguine

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

What you'll need

80g Linguine / Spaghetti

80g King Prawns

70g Cherry tomatoes

1 Small Clove Of Garlic

Small Handful Of Fresh Parsley

5g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Prep time: 10 Mins


1) Finely chop your parsley, chop cherry tomatoes in halves and crush garlic

2) Boil water and add to a pot, add a dash of salt and once bubbling, add your pasta for 9-10 mins

3) With 5 minuites left on the pasta, add olive oil to frying pan and put on a low heat

4) Add garlic for 30s then add prawns for a minuite

5) Add tomatoes and half of your parsley (you can squeeze a little lemon juice here if you wish)

6) Once the pasta is cooked, add a TBSP or two of the pasta cooking water to the prawns

7) Drain pasta and add it to the pan with the prawns and keep stirring for 1 min

8) Add the rest of your parsley, plate up & ENJOY!


442 kcals

Carbs: 61g

Fats: 7g

Protein: 29g


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