Luke is a friendly and energetic personal trainer & online coach with 13 years experience in physical training. Having served in the armed forces, he has had experience in a variety of different training disciplines, from military fitness to bodybuilding to Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Having helped over 400 people achieve their goals from complete body transformations to preparing athletes for sporting events - Luke will ensure your goals are met, no matter what you want to achieve!


Body transformations

From weight loss to muscle gain and EVERYTHING in between, you are just 12 weeks away from the new you

Strength & Conditioning

Looking to improve your perfomance for a specific sport? Joining the military? Whatever you're trying to get fitter for, high intensity S&C sessions will make sure you are fighting fit & ready for your event

Funtional Fitness

Want to improve your real life fitness?Explosive funtional fitness sessions will ensure you level up your strength through real life movement patterns

Tailored Nutrition

With results driven bespoke plans tailored around YOU, whether you're eating to fuel performance or lose weight, "dieting" has never been easier!


What the clients think


Kerry Pike

I called upon this amazing fella to help me after seeing what he had done for some friends of mine on a tv programme. Before starting with Luke I could not do a simple squat (due to an old operation I never fully recovered from) and as for lunging 🤦🏻‍♀️ just the word made me shudder and I couldn't do them with out falling over!! I'm now squatting 30kg and almost a lunging queen who is 13.5kg lighter!! I'm also able to watch myself a bit in the mirror whilst doing so (massively struggled with this). All this was achieved in just 12 weeks!

Luke's knowledge is INCREDIBLE and I have learnt so much about fitness, nutrition and how to look after my body (and mind) better. Can not recommend Luke highly enough, as well as having all the knowledge he is generally just a lovely caring guy


Tess Delahunty

I am 8 weeks into a 12 week plan with Luke and I have lost 10.5kg (23.1lbs) and I have gained a whole new mindset and understanding of training and my nutrition. Luke has consistently gone above and beyond, and makes sure that no question is too small or silly. His plan is completely tailored and flexible which makes things SO MUCH EASIER to stick to, and he is always contactable if I have any questions. All of the methods behind how we train and eat is explained so I am confident that I can continue with the process by myself when the time comes, and I am just so happy I slid in his DM's as I was so stuck in the same old cycle before I started!


Craig Bennett


Cheers luke for all your help cutting I went from 90kg to 81.2kg ready for my bjj comp and walked away with bronze you definitely know your stuff I will recommend you to anyone thank you mate

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